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One of my sales reps reported facing a dilemma recently. She stopped in a store she sells to while out shopping with friends, and was surprised to find the young employee behind the counter listening to music on his phone — with headphones on. She was not sure whether she should report this to the shop’s owners, but decided that it was in their best interest, and her own, to do so.  After all, her success as a sales rep is dependent upon the success of her retailers.

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The idea of a flash sale may have originated in the world of commerce, but there is no reason why a bricks and mortar store can’t create a sense of urgency among its fans using this technique.  The key is to make the offer very exciting so that consumers feel the need to respond right away.

One option is to offer goods that are in limited supply on a first come, first serve basis during the sale’s time per … (read more…)

toilet paper with usd

If you’ve borrowed money to capitalize your store, you are probably paying around 8% interest on the loan. Assuming you can’t negotiate that down to a lower rate, you may want to look at what you are paying for toilet paper.

Yes, you heard me right.  If you can’t save money on your business loan, you should be looking for other ways to economize in order to protect your bottom line.  Toilet paper is an … (read more…)