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One of the interesting social science experiments in Elizabeth Dunn and Michael Norton’s Happy Money has to do with expiration dates.  They discovered that consumers logically said they would prefer a gift certificate to a local pastry shop with a two month expiration date rather than a three week deadline. But in reality, only 6% of the consumers used the two month certificate, whereas … (read more…)


Every four years retailers in the US are faced with a challenging time as the public’s attention turns to the presidential election.  Although the impact may not be as bad in a year when an incumbent is on the ballot, we can see already this year is shaping up to be a difficult one for many stores as consumers are both distracted and distressed.  “While the scary economic rhetoric might win candidates big votes on the presidential primary trail, it’s not doing much to help … (read more…)

Peggy Karr Glass

The 4th of July seems like an appropriate day to consider the challenge retailers today face in sourcing American-made products.  We  just got word that Peggy Karr Glass will be closing at the end of this month. We of course wish Peggy and Tim Karr all the best in their retirement, but the loss of this popular New Jersey-based vendor will leave a big hole in our selection of American-made merchandise. We were even able to do special orders for exclusive designs through Peggy Karr G … (read more…)