source site The first days of 2010 will soon be upon us, so it is time to think about New Year’s resolutions. The recent Gifts and Dec Direct online poll showed that some 50 percent of voters in last week’s poll plan to make resolutions for their personal lives and their business. So aside from wanting to… Read More

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source You can’t be in retailing today without taking credit cards, even if you’re selling Renaissance clothing and accessories.  The percentage of our store’s sales paid for in plastic has risen dramatically since the start of our business. — and so have the charges we pay to have these credit card sales processed. Many of us… Read More

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source site This Friday has been termed “Black Friday” by the media, because of the idea that this one day’s sales are so important that they put major retailers in the black.  That doesn’t tend to be true for independent retailers, who miss out on the feeding frenzy of shoppers flocking to the malls and big box… Read More

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Dapoxetine Buy Uk My second day in retailing was terrible. The customer who bought a Danish chair (back then we sold furniture) on our first day returned it, resulting in a negative sales figure for day number two. I was devastated. Since that time I’ve learned that returns are just a part of the retail landscape, and if… Read More

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Dove Acquistare Priligy Online Now that the last trick-or-treaters have long since headed home, with visions of candy corn dancing through their heads, it’s time for visions of sugarplums to start taking their place.  For many specialty retailers, the start of November means the start of the holiday season.  You need to be thinking of the holidays now even… Read More