follow I don’t read Playboy, but I found myself standing in front of this display in the airport wondering if I should try a copy.  Why? Because it would only have cost me 60¢.  Someone at Playboy (perhaps Hugh Hefner himself) had decided that 60¢ was my threshold for buying something I really didn’t want or… Read More

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Buy Abortion Pills Cytotec How do you know when an idea has run its course? Whether you are looking at your store’s basic concept, a major line or category, or even an individual item — it is valuable to know when it is time (to really mix my piscine metaphors) to cut bait.  Jumping the shark, or continuing beyond… Read More


go site American Express has chosen Shop Small as the theme for November 26, this year’s Small Business Saturday. Last year’s premiere event, held on the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend, was a huge success.  Over 1 million people “joined the movement”, largely through American Express’s use of social media such as Facebook.  And better yet, participating stores… Read More

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go site Walking down a shopping street in Scandinavia, you immediately get a sense of what is in each shop — because a sampling of merchandise is often displayed outside on carts and racks in front of the store.  This proved to also be true at Milwaukee’s Discovery World, where a display of green and blue snakes… Read More

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Buy Cytotec Philippines I’m not above “borrowing” a good idea from a mass merchandiser, and here is one that I just saw in Target. Instead of offering $5 off on an item, the store offered a $5 Target gift card — with the idea, I’m sure, that I would come back soon to spend it.  A local appliance… Read More

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Buy Cytotec Dubai Maybe retailers should add “mind reader” to their job descriptions, because we often have to try to figure out what our customers are thinking without them verbalizing their thoughts. Of course it helps to engage them in small talk rather than starting with “May I help you” — which invariably leads to the conversation-stopping “No,… Read More

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