We have had good success with applying a small amount of our ad budget towards promoting our Facebook posts.  As long as the graphic meets Facebook’s criteria (including having less than 20% text), you can “boost” a post to those who like your page, their friends, or a target group you create. It’s fun to play… Read More

Easter is early this year (March 27), which means that you have only a few weeks to sell holiday goods.  Although I may be a bit late with this advice, it also means that you should order less Easter merchandise. You’d think that the date wouldn’t matter much (after all, the Easter bunny has just as… Read More

When email became a prominent form of communication, many predicted that greeting cards would become extinct.  And while it is true that there has been a decline in card sales since the heyday, the Greeting Card Association reports that card sales have actually held steady in recent years. This is in part due to independent… Read More

What is 4” X 9” and found in tourist areas all over the country? The ubiquitous rack card, a promotional piece used to advertise shops, restaurants, events and attractions to visitors.  These vertical cards usually have a strong, brightly colored graphic on the front in order to stand out from the competition. The attractive sample… Read More

The “for lease” sign finally came down on a vacant storefront on our shopping street last week, and according to the new sign we are now going to have a boxing studio as a neighbor.  At the same time it was announced that another vacancy is being filled by a holistic vet clinic. Don’t get… Read More

We’ve all been watching the national discussion about minimum wage carefully, because payroll is the largest expense after rent for most retailers.  Last year Wal-Mart announced that it is going to raise all employees to at least $9 an hour, and it has been interesting to see how this played out.  Wal-Mart stock fell more… Read More

The first mail of the new year brought a new kind of invitation from a sales agency we have bought from for many years: Ellie & Friends.  Instead of continuing with her usual gift show booth, Ellie Garber has decided to try offering three “Pop-Up Wholesale Cafes” in cities across the country. The first will… Read More