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Clock face and christmas balls.Eve of new year.

In the world of music, quarter time usually indicates a waltz.  But in retailing, fourth quarter time means more of a jitterbug as we try frantically to keep up with the demands of our customers.  Since this week officially marks the start of the 4th quarter — Christmas in now just three months away — it is a good time to do some advance planning to help you get through the holidays as smoothly as possible.

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Plastic number ten

If you haven’t upped your game when it comes to customer service, you may face a real challenge trying to compete with online shopping options.  You need to give shoppers an in-store experience that surpasses sitting in front of a computer screen wearing p.j.s and having products magically appear on their doorstep the next day.

Here are ten ways you can make sure customers enjoy shopping at your store:(read more…)

32399 Amazon.

Here is yet another threat from the online giant that is already having a serious impact on large and small retailers: Amazon could be setting up a “locker” in the vacant storefront next door to your shop. According to the Amazon web site, “Amazon Locker provides….a self-service d … (read more…)