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source link Most small businesses draw the majority of their customers from the geographic area closest to them.  How can you make sure that everyone in your neighborhood knows about your store, and receives information about special events and offers?  In the early years of our business we went door to door, hanging a colorful flyer on every doorknob or slipping it under the doormat.

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http://e-proficientlab.com/shop/promega-gotaq-flexi-dna-polymerase/?add-to-cart=823 But the United States Postal Service now has a program that addresses this need more efficiently, and allows the information to go into each household’s mailbox. (If you’re delivering notices yourself, it is illegal to put anything in mailboxes.)  This new service is called Every Door Direct Mail-Retail, and it does not require the purchase of a bulk mailing permit.

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go to link To use Every Door Direct Mail, you use a sophisticated online tool to select your location and the specific 9-digit zip codes you’d like to send to.  A map shows you not only which areas your mailing will go to, but also the number of households and businesses that will be covered.  The cost for each 9-digit zone is included so that you can calculate the total cost for your promotion.  Delivery is about 15¢ per piece, plus of course the cost of printing.



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Purchase Provigil In Mexico Every Door Direct Mail has an upward limit of 5,000 pieces per day per zip code, however it is probably best used for smaller “neighbors only” promotions.  By selecting every single household and business in a larger area you may be delivering information to many people who are not your target customers.



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Online Provigil Reviews One of the advantages of this program is that it allows you to select the delivery date for your printed piece.  You can arrange for the delivery of a promotion up to 30 days in advance, which is great for the busy holiday season.  Try sending a coupon, invitation or special offer to your neighbors  — and see if Every Door Direct Mail is a good way to bring new customers to your door.


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