When the founder of Lauerman’s Department Store in Marinette, WI died,  author Michael Leannah reports that “thousands of people — rich and poor, of all faiths and of every rank and class — visited his home to pay their respects.  Flags throughout the city were flown at half-mast, and many stores and institutions remains closed… Read More

VISION CASTING    Do you have a vision for where your store will be in six years?  Many of us are too tied up with the day-to-day busyness of business to think as far as the end of the week, to say nothing of the end of the decade.  But the year 2020 will be here… Read More

What is your store’s conversion rate? We’re not talking missionary work, but rather the number of visitors to your store or web site who are turned into paying customers.  It is relatively easy to measure your conversion rate online, given the sophisticated tracking tools available on the web, while tracking the percentage of shoppers who… Read More