Last week’s blog marked the start of 30 days of small changes that hopefully will make your store more successful.  If you missed the first seven days of suggestions, you can find the post (along with over 600 others!) at

Here are this week’s seven ideas.  Feel free to add your own, and to mix these up in any order you like.  

  1. Do a survey to find out what your customers are thinking. Surveymonkey and other platforms make it inexpensive and easy to do this – and now is a great time to ask shoppers how they feel about the range of products and services you offer. Ask for suggestions to help you plan for the future!
  1. Celebrate your staff’s work anniversaries.  Set up a rolling calendar with their start dates, and once a year acknowledge how long they’ve been with you.  You could do a special recognition at 5 year intervals.
  1. Review your store hours to make sure they’re in line with your customers’ shopping habits. Check your website, email blasts, Facebook page, Google, Yelp, email signature and signage for consistency. Remember to update them for holiday closures.
  1. Take a day off that you would normally work.  Come into the store after it’s closed that evening for some uninterrupted time at your desk.
  1. Write to an elected official in your area thanking him/her for serving your community.  Mention your concerns as a shopkeeper, and offer to be available to help make sure that the voice of small businesses is heard.
  1. Give out ten $10 gift cards to help bring in new customers. You could give them to realtors to put in a welcome package, or to employees to give to friends who don’t shop with you regularly.
  1. Check in with two of your favorite sales reps. Ask how they’ve been coping during the pandemic, and whether they have any recommendations for products or lines that are selling well in your area.

Every day gives you a chance to transform and improve your business. Keep going!

Happy Retailing,

Carol “Orange” Schroeder