Meta, the company that owns Facebook and Instagram, announced a few weeks ago that they’ve expanded the ability to add products tags in Instagram feed posts to everyone in the United States. This may have potential for increased sales for independent retailers, especially those open to selling to the public through this platform.

Here is the explanation from Instagram about how you add product tags: “When creating a post, use the tagging feature to tag a brand then specify a product. When someone taps on your product tag on your published Feed post, they’ll be able to get detailed information about the product through a product detail page on Instagram and then can purchase the product directly in app [i.e. through Instagram] or through the brand’s product detail page.”

This new features is used differently if you are a retailer wanted to make sales, or a blogger showing your latest fashion finds. A blogger can now help readers buy the products right away, even tagging an independent retailer as the source of the item.  But in order to take advantage of this tag, or to post your own, your shop will need to have an e-commerce site compatible with the shoppable IG posts.  Clicking on a tag added to a product, like the earring shown in the illustration above that are from David Aubrey Jewelry (@davidaubrey_jewelry) leads to the double arrow button that says Buy on Instagram

According to Tech Crunch, “Instagram says that 1.6 million people tag at least one brand on average each week on the app. The company has been working to streamline users’ shopping experience on its app over the past few years.” Will this improved shopping experience drive more sales to independent retailers? It depends on whether we embrace this new option.  If your customers are active on Instagram, you might want to investigate whether IG product tagging is worthwhile for you.

Happy retailing, 

Carol “Orange” Schroeder