Birthdays are the one special day everyone starts out with – even stores. And in case you think your shop’s birthday isn’t an event worth celebrating, consider the fact that 20% of all small businesses don’t make it to age one.  No matter how many years yours has been around, the anniversary of the day you started is worth celebrating.

Customers love having an occasion to acknowledge your success, so be sure to involve them in the celebration. You can thank them for supporting you on social media or in an email blast. Or perhaps you could have refreshments in the store on the actual day. A sale or special promotion will bring them in to shop, and is a great way to show your appreciation.  On our store’s 40th birthday, which was a significant milestone, we offered 40% off on any one item to those on our mailing list. It was fun to see what items went first.

We recognize the fact that Orange Tree Imports would not be what it is without the dedicated staff, so for this year’s 47th anniversary this year we gave each employee a special orange cookie together with a gift card to the bakery that made them.  Every five years on the store’s anniversary we hold a staff reunion, although our 45th was a drive-by event because of the pandemic.

Your store’s anniversary is not the only landmark you can celebrate. If you win a “Best Of” award, or gain recognition in a trade magazine, be sure to put that out on social media and your website.  A note of appreciation from a customer is also worth sharing, although you might ask permission first (or just use the first name of the person who sent it).

Positive news is always welcome, and we all need more of it. Don’t be shy about letting your community know about yours!

Happy retailing, 

Carol “Orange” Schroeder