“Consistent actions create consistent results.”  It may be obvious that your store needs to be open standardized hours, and that your branding needs to carry through from your advertising to your packaging to your signage. But have you thought about how consistent you are in your communications to your customers?

According to Ashley Storck of Marketini Media here in Madison, Wisconsin, “Consistency on social media fosters audience growth, enhances engagement through regular interactions, and establishes a strong brand presence, thus forming a solid foundation for online success and a stepping stone for growth. Without consistency, audiences may find it difficult to recognize or connect with the brand, potentially leading to a loss of followers and a reduction in the effectiveness of social media initiatives.  Ultimately, the less consistent you are, the fewer interactions and audiences you are able to garner on social media.”

She points out that both the algorithm – that mysterious way in which Meta decides who sees what – and viewer expectations benefit from a predictable pattern of posts.  Setting up a monthly calendar and planning out what you’ll be sharing can make it easier to do this, Ashley points out. Scheduling will also help you align your social media promotions with what’s being featured in your store displays.

Regularity in your email blasts to customers can set a comfortable rhythm for those who have expressed an interest in hearing from you.  During the year of roadwork on Monroe Street, we committed to weekly email newsletters in order to keep our shop top of mind when there was no drive by traffic. Now we aim for two a month, or about every other week.

Having a consistent schedule of events means we always have something to write about.  Our shopping district hosts First Fridays on Monroe Street, so one of the two email blasts usually has that as lead story.  Holidays, sales, book signings and new arrivals serve as inspiration for others.  We’re always on the lookout for closeouts to offer as a free gift to email subscribers when they make a minimum purchase. We’ve done this so consistently that these offers have come to be part of our customers’ expectations.  They also look forward to getting a postcard in their birthday month with an invitation to come in for a present. We hope they feel they can depend on us to always make them feel welcome and appreciated.

Happy Retailing,

Carol “Orange” Schroeder