The TikTok social media platform has been around since 2016, but it really seems to have come into its own during the pandemic. There are now some 800 million users worldwide who spend an average of almost an hour a day creating or watching TikTok’s 15 second self-made music videos (BusinessofApps).  TikTok is now the… Read More

First came SaaS, which stands for software-as-a-service, which allows companies to use software made available by a provider via the cloud. You may have already been using this type of platform for email marketing, bookkeeping, payroll processing, or database management.   The concept of RaaS, or retail-as-a-service, may be a little more challenging to grasp.… Read More

The competition among e-commerce wholesale platforms is heating up – and no wonder, with the growth rate of B2B sales online predicted to reach a double-digit figure in trillions of dollars in 2024.  These sites are changing the way some buying is done in our industry, posing a threat to sales agencies, trade shows, permanent marts and… Read More

We are so ready to say goodbye to the pandemic, and predictions are that this fall will see a resurgence of sales for brick and mortar retail. The public is eager for in-person experiences, and communities are embracing the concept of buying local to help their businesses recover. The cloud on the horizon, however, is… Read More

The end of 2019 would have been a challenging time to open a retail store, but it turns out that it wasn’t such a bad time to launch a new “digital trade show” e-commerce company.  Trada was initially only active in Australia, starting out with 40 Australian brands and 100 Australian retailers, but last month… Read More

A recent poll of our neighboring businesses revealed that only half of us are back to our pre-pandemic hours.  Our shop is one of several still closed at least one day a week, and we aren’t open any evenings yet.  Prior to COVID, we were open every day, and four to five evenings until 8:00.… Read More

Walmart has recently debuted a smartphone app for its associates, and according to an AP wire story the company has pledged to give more than 740,000 store workers a new Samsung phone for free by the end fo the year. The company has stated that their goal is to make the workers’ jobs easier, and… Read More

“As retailers open their doors and begin operating in the new economy, many might find their associates are dealing with a new array of challenges. Even as the number of infections and deaths decline, the economic and societal fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic could linger for years.”  These insights by Craig Guillot were published on… Read More

Communities wanting to help revitalize their commercial districts post-COVID may want to consider the concept of pop-ups. In our city of Madison, Wisconsin, Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway recently introduced The Madison Pop-Up Shop Initiative. It addresses the need to help the businesses of downtown Madison who were hit hard by the pandemic, as well as the… Read More

Total spending in the US for Father’s Day was about $17 billion in 2020 – and that was at the height of the pandemic. The National Retail Federation’s statistics show this holiday trending up significantly from $12.5 billion in 2015, which is about a 35% increase. Even if you don’t normally promote Father’s Day gifts,… Read More